John 8 For He Is the Light of the World. Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Vs 12 Later in one of his talks, Jesus said to the people, “I am the light of the world. So if you follow me, you wont be stumbling thorugh the darkness, for the living light will flood your path.”

So to avoid stumbling through the darkness we as Christians need to imitate the words and ways of Christ. To make that happen, we first need to know how Jesus instructed us to live.  There is NO better book than the bible. All Christ instructed and showed us is there for the studying, learning, absorbing and making a part of our spirit.  Surrendering all to Christ is the first step and accepting him as your Lord and Savior. Without that, this is path of imitating Christ will be without his power in your life.

There is another book, orginally done by Thomas Kemple called My Imitation of Christ, that is foundational to you and I learning how to think, and live like Christ.

If you are not fully surrendered, than continue to chase after Christ and  he will come running to you. How can you chase after Christ? There are many scriptures that point to how to chase after Christ. SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD!

how to become christ like

Humm, pretty direct statement of what we have to do FIRST!  As I continue to chase After Christ, I have decided that this needs to become my deepest desire, that nothing comes in the way of putting God first. As time goes on we must also always be looking to Jesus and learning to mediate on life of Jesus and follow what he says in all we do. There is another scripture where Paul says we have been predestined to be transformed in the image of Christ.

If you and I are a child of God, are predestined to be transformed in the image of Christ, the we need to know what the image of Christ looks like.

In the Book by Thomas Kemple, my imitation fo Christ, he starts off his book by saying

“HE that followeth me, walketh not in darkness” These are the words of Christ, by which we admonished, that we must imitate his life and manners, if we would be truly enlightened, and delivered from all blindness of heart. 

Let it then be our chief study to meditate on the life of Jesus Christ.

In the opening of his book, I find that word manners very interesting. So not only are we to imitate his life, but our mannerisms, our character, our words, our actions, and all we do, must come up against the gridwork of who we are and Who Christ has predestined us to become. The very image of Christ! In all we do.

God will transformed us, he has already said that this will happen, wheather it is on this earth or by the time you and I go to heaven.

This entire section of the website is going to be dedicated to finding what the image of Christ looks like and how you and I can not only understand what being Christlike looks like, but walking that out together to become all that God has for you and I and for His purpose to be fulfilled in us and through us at all times.

I highly recommend you find yourselves a copy of Thomas Kemple’s Imitation of Christ. He will help you tremendously. You could easily download it from amazon from anywhere from .99 to up to $8.00.

One of the words I did not know what it meant that he uses in his book quite often is the word


a feeling of guilt or moral scruple that follows the doing of something bad.

Thomas Kemple says on the first page of his book:

I would rather feel compunction than know its definition.

How many times in your life have you felt compunction? This is the mighty battle we face to understand and mediate and learn how to become like Christ.  God Loves you and is full of mercy and grace. He wants the best of you and I to head in a constant and loving direction to conform to the image of Christ.

Morals gone amuck in this world!!

If we follow and involve ourselves in the ways of this world, we too will be misled away from God.  Jesus clearly said in the sermon on the Mount, you can not have two Gods. There are many things this world will distract you to do that takes you away from spending time understanding the word of God and the imiation of Christ.

We cannot serve the ways of the world and the ways fo Christ…It just won’t work.

Now more than ever, there are so many things that will steal yours and my time. Life is so busy, and time can easily slip by.

So one of the best thing you can do is get a copy of the imitation fo Christ and carry it with you. I have been doing this, albeit, inconsistantly carrying a pocket size version of Thomas Kemple’s book. I think I may also get a downloaded copy as this is the era of Smartphones where we always have them  with us.

So to become Like Christ, Let us start today to make our chief study to meditate on the life of Christ!

Posted on Jan 21, 2014

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